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Level 7, managed by the client CxA, is usually quick to complete; it concludes the overall project commissioning activities with the client/end-user accepting, during a closeout meeting, that all processes, documentation, observations, and reports have been completed satisfactorily.

The steps required to complete the tasks and activities will be:

  • Conduct a Level 7 closeout meeting with the client and end-user,
    • Agree that all processes and activities have been completed from Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6,
    • Agree that all issues and observations have been completed,
    • Review of electronic platforms to ensure all commissioning documentation has been uploaded and approved.
    • Provide approved final operating and maintenance manuals,
    • Provide training records,
    • Provide/inspect final cleanliness records of critical spaces,
    • Provide final commissioning report,
    • Issue and acceptance of Level 7 completion certificate.

Below, we run through more detailed information on how these Level 7 steps can be completed.

| Step 1 – Conduct Level 7 Close Out Meeting

The closeout meeting will be conducted and managed by the client commissioning authority [CxA], who will run through, with the client team and end-user, a high-level report of the status of the commissioning process, documentation, issues, and general information, allowing them to approve and accept that the works have been completed correctly and that there are no outstanding items or issues.

The high-level report should include the following.

Data Center Commissioning Checklist [MS Word] & [MS Excel]

Here is our open copy [MS Word] & [MS Excel] of the Data Center Commissioning Checklist, for making life a little easier...

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Commissioning Process Tasks and Activities

All tasks and activities should be completed covering Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 commissioning works at this stage.

Through the different Levels, the data center commissioning team should manage and regularly issue a weekly report showing the progress; this would be in the form of a checklist or full report; we cover this here.

The client commissioning agent should run through this at the meeting to show that everything has been completed and there are no outstanding items.

Further Reading:

We have written the below article that may be of use to understand more about the checklist, including a format and layout:

Issues and Observations Report

The commissioning agent [CxA] will table the issues/observation register or punch list to show that all items that have been logged and documented are closed out.

This would be a hard copy if manually managed on-site or an electronic copy where handled by an electronic defects management tool.

Overview of the Electronic Platforms and Status of the Information

Commissioning loves documentation; the commissioning agent should include a high-level report to show that everything has been completed and there is no outstanding information needed.

This would be based on the hard copies if manually managed on-site or electronic if managed by an electronic document management system such as Aconex, Procore, Asite, etc.

Overview of the Approved Operating & Maintenance Manuals

Confirmation should be provided that all Operating & Maintenance Manuals have been completed, issued, and approved by the relevant parties, including where they are stored and how they can be retrieved.

Further Reading

We have written the below article that may be of use to understand more about these manuals, including formats and layouts:

Issue All Training Records of the Facilities Staff

During the Level 6 delivery requirements, there will be a requirement to deliver training to the building operator/facilities engineers ensuring that they fully understand the newly/modified systems, covering how they are designed, operated, and should be maintained.

The commissioning authority [CxA] should provide a high-level overview of the training completed to the client / end-user team.

Issue/Inspect Cleanliness Certification of any Critical Spaces

One of the final steps of acceptance by the client team/end-user will be to ensure that the cleanliness and deep cleaning of all critical spaces meet the project requirements.

The project will have completed these works before the Level 5 works commence; the commissioning agent [CxA] should provide the certification to prove it was completed and arrange any inspections/final testing if and where required.

Overview of the Final Commissioning Report

The final commissioning report completed and issued under Level 6 will be tabled, with the commissioning agent providing a high-level overview to the client team on its format and contents.

Further Reading

We have written the below article that may be of use to understand more about the final commissioning report, including formats and layouts:

| Step 2 – Signing of Level 7 Completion Certificate

The commissioning agent should provide the Level 7 Completion Certificate to the client and end-user for signature, accepting that the commissioning works related to the project have been completed satisfactorily and handed over.

Once this has been completed, all commissioning works are concluded.

Further Reading:

To read more and download a set [Levels 0-7] of Sign-Off Certificates we have written the following:

Level 0 to Level 7 Data Center Commissioning Checklist Template [Open / PDF / Excel]

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