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Standard 202 – “Commissioning Process for Building and Systems” is published by ASHRAE / *ANSI / **IES. It is written to standardize the minimum requirements of a commissioning process to be deployed within a building and its systems.

*ANSI – Approved American National Standard / ** IES – Illuminating Engineering Society

As noted above, the standard provides a minimum process that can be adapted to deliver a level of commissioning process into a project. It focuses upon:

  • the minimum activities required for design, development, construction, operation, and modification of buildings, and it’s systems
  • provides a base for processes, activities, and sequences
  • establishes responsibilities, deliverables, and expected documentation/records

Our Review

In our opinion, we would generally lean towards ASHRAE Guideline 0 if looking to implement a commissioning process as it is, in our opinion, easier to follow and provides more structure/information.

Not really worth $87.00.


Provides a high-level document that sets a standard that can be adapted easily no matter what the project.

Could do better:

The information contained is also mainly covered within Guideline 0, could align so then only need to purchase 1 document. If looking for a complete process, then we would suggest investigating ASHRAE Guideline 0.

Document Content Overview:

  • Section 1 – 4 Purpose, Scope, Definitions, Utilization
  • Section 5 – Initiating the Commissioning Process
  • Section 6 – Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Section 7 – Commissioning Process Plan
  • Section 8 – Basis of Design
  • Section 9 – Contractor, Supplier, and Manufacturer Commissioning Requirements
  • Section 10 – Design Review
  • Section 11 – Commissioning Submittal Review
  • Section 12 – Construction Observation and Testing
  • Section 13 – Issues and Resolutions Documentation
  • Section 14 – Systems Manuals
  • Section 15 – Training
  • Section 16 – Post Occupancy Operation
  • Section 17 – Cx Report
  • General Appendicies
Published by:ASHRAE / ANSI / IES
Publish year:2018 [latest]
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Commissioning Managers
Contractors / Engineers
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