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Published by ASHRAE, this document provides an overview of how all New Construction and Ongoing Commissioning activities for the HVAC&R* Systems’ should be managed and delivered to meet the ASHRAE Guideline 0 and, ultimately, the Owner Project Requirements from Pre-Design through to Occupancy & Operations.

*HVAC&R – Heating Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigerant Systems,

Although the document says that it covers ‘technical requirements,’ that is a little misleading. It does not provide information on ‘how to test x equipment and how to test y system.’ It focuses upon the Commissioning Process, as explained in ASHRAE Guideline 0, expanding upon some of the requirements and providing more depth to what should be included within the documentation.

It covers:

  • HVAC&R Systems that are to support the Commissioning Process
  • Validation and verification through the different phases
  • What the acceptance should be through each phase
  • What documentation will be required through each phase
  • Systems Manual,
  • and Training of Facilities Management and Operations Staff / Occupants.

Our Review

In our opinion, this document could quite easily be wrapped up in the ASHRAE Guideline 0 – The Commissioning Process. It would possibly remove any confusion etc as to which document to work to. Seems a bit harsh to separate and then charge for the information that is contained.

Not really worth $87.00.


Provides good information on the requirements and guidance on completing documents and checklists etc.

Could do better:

The information contained is also mainly covered within Guideline 0, could align so then only need to purchase 1 document [ASHRAE Guideline 0 – The Commissioning Process].

Document Content Overview:

  • Section 1 – 4 Purpose, Scope, Utilization, Definitions
  • Section 5 – Pre Design Phase
  • Section 6 – Design Phase
  • Section 7 – Construction Phase
  • Section 8 – Occupancy & Operations Phase
  • General Appendicies
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ASHRAE Guide 1.1 – Document Overview

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