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The Commissioning Stakeholders Guideline is a great resource for those who are not necessarily knowledgeable about building commissioning or the process as per ASHRAE Guideline 0 and ASHRAE Standard 202.

It provides information, checklists, responsibilities matrixes, and sample documentation intended for Owners, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Project Programmers, and Building Authorities.

Document Content Overview:

  • Chapter 1 – Strategic Guide to the Commissioning Process
  • Chapter 2 – New Construction Commissioning Process, Activities and Documentation
  • Chapter 3 – Stakeholder/Participant Roles and Responsibilities
  • Chapter 4 – Commissioning for Codes and Standards Requirements
  • Chapter 5 – Building System Selection for Commissioning
  • Chapter 6 – Building System Commissioning Requirements
  • Chapter 7 – Selecting and Hiring a Commissioning Provider
  • Appendix A – Commissioning Process Documentation and Resources
  • Appendix B – Commissioning Process Documentation [New Construction Check Lists]

Our Review

In our opinion, there should be a copy of this in all offices of those involved with the commissioning process or looking to implement one.


A very well laid out resource for providing a simple, straight forward overview of the commissioning process to anyone who is interested, especially Clients/End Users.

Could do better:

Tables and check sheets could be formatted with a bit more focus for the people having to use them.

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