COMMISSIONING CHECKLISTS | The 3 Types Explained and Templates Listed

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Under ASHRAE Guideline 1.1 – HVAC&R Technical Requirements for the Commissioning Process 3 types of commissioning checklists are required to fully deliver the commissioning process, these are:

  • Pre-Design Checklists
  • Design Checklists
  • Construction Checklists

The different types of lists can be described as follows:

19No. Site Equipment / Maintenance Checklists [MS Word] [MS Excel]

We have created this bundle to consolidate all the Equipment Pre-Commissioning and Maintenance Checklists that are available across the site.

The checklists are provided in Microsoft Word and Excel.

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Pre-Design Checklists

Developed by the commissioning team during the writing and development of the owner’s project requirement document [OPR], with documentation submissions during the pre-design phase being defined by these goals.

🔗 We have written an article on the 'Pre-Design Commissioning Process', that shows the information that can be tracked.
🔗 Here is an article explaining what an 'Owners Project Requirement Document [OPR]' is

Design Checklists

Not to be muddled with the Design Stage of the commissioning process… these checklists are started and concluded during the pre-design works.

Again, the commissioning team will develop and manage the design checklists in accordance with the commissioning process [pre-design stage], and they should be included within the initial commissioning plan.

They will detail the systems, assemblies, and components that are needed to deliver a successful project, defining the expectations for each submittal highlighting the Owners Project Requirements [OPR], Basis of Design [BOD], and the general requirements of the documentation for the project throughout the design phase.

🔗 If you want to know more here is an article we wrote on 'The Commissioning Process Pre Design Stage', where the roles and responsibilities of the commissioning team are explained fully for the pre-design phase.

Construction/Commissioning Checklists

Construction checklists are created and prepared by the commissioning team during the Pre-Design Stage of the commissioning process.

They should be included in the commissioning plan and be clearly noted who’s the responsibility it will be to inspect, complete, issue, and approve them.

The lists will consist of the checks that will need to be conducted during the following phases of the construction process:

  • Pre-Functional Testing Stage
  • Functional Testing Stage

They will cover all systems, equipment, and components that will be installed, set up, and commissioned on the project.

To make it efficient, many projects will utilize an electronic platform where they will have a standard list of checks that can automatically be populated for the equipment as generally, the checks will be the same project to project.

Checklists that can be used:

Early days…but we have created the following checklists that can be used on most projects, click the links.

Air Handling Unit System Checklist
Chilled/Heating Water Centrifugal Pump Checklist
Chiller [Air-Cooled] Checklist
Chiller [Water Cooled] Checklist
Cooling Tower Checklist
CRAC Unit & Condenser Unit Checklist
CRAH Unit Checklist
Data Centre Commissioning Checklist
Ductwork Checklist
Flushing and Chemical Cleaning Checklist
Fan Coil Unit Checklist
Fire Damper Checklist
FM-200 Pipework Checklist
FM-200 System Checklist [including FM-200 Pipework]
General Pipework Checklist
Sprinkler Pipework Checklist
19No. Site Equipment / Maintenance Checklists [MS Word] [MS Excel]

We have created this bundle to consolidate all the Equipment Pre-Commissioning and Maintenance Checklists that are available across the site.

The checklists are provided in Microsoft Word and Excel.

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Construction Checklist/Commissioning Checklist Index

The below provides an initial list of checklists that would cover most projects.

RefBuilding Flushing [IAQ]
1Building Enclosure Testing 
2Building Management System  
3Condenser Water System
4Chilled Water Control System
5Heating Water Control System
6Primary Air Handling Unit (PAU) Control System 
7Air Handling Unit (AHU) Control System 
8General Fans Control System 
9Natural Gas Control System 
10Thermal Storage Tank Control System
11High Voltage [HV] Switch Gear System
12Bus Bar System 
13High Voltage [HV] Cable System
14Transformer Equipment 
15Generator Fuel System
16Generator Fuel Leak Detection System
17Generator System
18Generator Flue Equipment
19Load Bank System 
20Low Voltage [LV] System
21Low Voltage [LV] Switch Board Equipment
22Isolation Transformer Equipment
23Active Harmonic Filter Equipment
24Low Voltage [LV] Cables 
25Earthing System
26Lightning Protection System 
27Uninterrupted Power System Equipment
28Static Transfer Equipment [STS]
29Automatic Transfer Equipment [ATS] 
30Power Distribution Unit Equipment [PDU] 
31Branch Circuit Monitoring System [BCM] 
32Electrical Panels and Distribution Boards Equipment
33Capacitor Bank Equipment 
34Battery Charger System
35General Lighting System
36Emergency Lighting System 
37Street Lighting System 
38Air Craft Building Lighting System 
39Landscape Lighting System
40Public Address System
41Closed Circuit Television System [CCTV]
42Telecom System
43Access Control System
44Video Intercom System
45Wet Sprinkler Systems 
46Dry Sprinkler Systems 
47Pre-Action System
48Sprinkler Water Tank Systems 
49Life Safety Pump System
50Fire Hydrant System
51Fire Hose Reel System
52Gas Suppression Systems
53Room Integrity Testing
54VESDA/Aspirating  Systems 
55Automatic Fire Alarm System
56Fireman Intercom System
57Fire System Emergency Broadcast System
58Fire Service Monitoring System 
59Central Battery System
60Smoke Extract System
61Staircase Pressurization System 
62VAC Trip System
63Fire Cause & Effect System 
64Natural Gas Pipework System 
65Gas Regulator Equipment
66Gas Leak Detection System 
67Refrigerant Leak Detection System 
68Water Leak Detection System 
69Hydrogen Leak Detection System
70Refrigerant System
71Chilled Water System
72Condenser Water System
73Heating Water System
74Chemical Treatment / Dosing System
75Energy Meter Equipment 
76Cooling Tower Equipment
77Water Cooled Chiller Equipment 
78Air Cooled Chiller Equipment 
79Chiller with Remote Condenser Unit System
80Heat Pump Equipment
81Sea Water Cooled Chiller Equipment
82Penstock System 
83Travel Band Screen System 
84Automatic Backwash System 
85Electro Chlorinator System 
86Air Blower System
87Automatic Tube Cleaning System
88Plate Heat Exchanger Equipment
89Air /  Dirt Separator System
90Vacuum Degassing System
91Water Pressurization System
92Condenser Water Pumps Equipment 
93Chilled Water Pumps Equipment 
94Heating Water Pump Equipment
95Variable Speed Drive Equipment
96Chilled Water CRAH Unit Equipment 
97Direct Expansion [Dx] CRAC Unit Equipment 
98Direct Expansion [Dx] Split Unit Equipment 
99Variable Refrigerant Flow [VRV] Unit Equipment 
100Floor Grille Equipment 
101Fire Damper Equipment 
102De-Humidifier Equipment 
103Steam Humidifier Equipment 
104Primary Air Handling Unit (PAU) Equipment 
105Air Handling Unit (AHU) Equipment 
106General Ventilation System 
107Variable Air Volume Equipment 
108Fan Coil Unit Equipment [Water]
109Variable Refrigerant Volume [VRV] Fan Coil Unit Equipment
110General Fans Equipment
111Toilet Extract Fan Equipment 
112Kitchen Extract System
113Vehicle Engine Exhaust System 
114Car Park Exhaust System 
115Chilled Beam System
116Chilled Beam [Active] Equipment 
117Chilled Beam [Passive] Equipment
118Motorized Damper Equipment
119Constant Air Volume System 
120Plumbing Pipework System 
121Drainage Systems
122Rain Water Systems
123Fresh Water Tanks 
124Sump Pump Systems 
125Instantaneous Water Heater Equipment
126Feed Water System
127Humidifier Water System 
128Fresh Water System
129Irrigation Water System 
130Rain Water System
131Cleansing Water System 
132Flushing Water System 
133Hydro Vent Water System
134Makeup Water System
135Potable Water System 
136Kitchen Water System
137Grease Tank System 
138Water Feature System
139Sand Filter System
140UV Sterilizer System
141Reverse Osmosis System
142Water Scrubber System 
143Bleed Water System
144Expansion Tank System
145Cold Water Meter Equipment

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