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Aimed at the Commissioning Manager/Provider, the Model Commissioning Plan is Published by BSRIA within the United Kingdom [UK]. It is written to provide a ‘Cx Plan Template for a Construction Project’ covering:

  • Stage 1 – Preparation
  • Stage 2 – Design
  • Stage 3 – Pre-Construction
  • Stage 4 – Construction
  • Stage 5 – Commissioning Of Engineering Services
  • Stage 6 – Pre-Handover
  • Stage 7 – Initial Occupation
  • Stage 8 – Post Occupancy Aftercare

If read, the commissioning process can easily be weaved into the Royal Institute of British Architects [RIBA] Plan of Work Stages, which are:

  • S1-Strategic Definition, / S1-Pre-Design
  • S2-Preparation and Briefing, / S1-Pre-Design
  • S3-Concept Design, / S1-Pre-Design
  • S4-Spatial Coordination, / S1-Pre-Design
  • S5-Technical Design, / S2-Design
  • S6-Manufacturing and Construction, / S3-Construction
  • S7-Handover, and / S4-Occupancy and Operations
  • S8-Use / S4-Occupancy and Operations

Document Content Overview:

  • Section 1 – Commissioning Works based upon the Stages 1 – 8 above
  • Section 2 – Model Commissioning Plan Template
  • Section 3 – References

Our Review

In our opinion, a great guideline for the Commissioning Manager/Provider to reference. A complete commissioning plan can be developed in line with the BSRIA Commissioning Process Requirements.


Provides a step by step detailed approach to a Commissioning Plan format that can be adopted easily.

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Could do better:

Makes reference to CIBSE Act 1,2,3 etc… but unless missing something not sure what this means.

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