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We thought it would be interesting to start a page to consolidate the polls and commissioning statistics we collect on Linkedin, so here it is; it will be updated as we create more polls – if you see them, be sure to vote.

🟧 Quantity Surveyors, Look Further than Price?

We asked, [Linkedin Link]

'QUANTITY SURVEYORS | Do they look further than the price?'

Not a surprising result: [6%] Yes | [51%] No | [43%] Some Do

Although we all have probably worked with some great Surveyors in our time, these results were not a huge surprise. I think we will run another poll later, ‘do clients weigh price more than technical ability in their overall review’.

🟧 Expiry of Calibration Certificates?

We asked, [Linkedin Link]

'When reviewing calibration certificates before testing, what’s the acceptable period before they are out of date?'

Glad about this result: [55%] Current Certificate | [4%] 1 Month | [12%] 6 Months | [29%] 12 Months

I was glad at this result that the most common expectation is that the calibration certificate is ‘current’ instead of expecting the contractors to recalibrate before their certificates expire.

🟧 Who has it worse at the end of projects, BMS or Commissioning Engineers?

We asked, [Linkedin Link]

'Who has it worse at the end of projects, BMS or Commissioning Engineers?'

Quite close: [48%] BMS Team | [58%] Commissioning Team.

This was a little surprise, I always think that the BMS Guys have it harder at the end of a project; they never seem to sleep.

🟧 Which Responsibility Matrix Type Do You Use?

We asked, [Linkedin Link]

'Which type of responsibility matrix do you use?'

Pretty one sided for 'RACI': [57%] RACI | [0%] RATSI | [21%] PARIS | [21%] Other - not sure why but missing 1% from Linkedin.

RACI seems the most common, but we have always thought it’s not the best for the works and tasks commissioning delivers.

🟧 What Mechanical Acronym Do You Use?

We asked, [Linkedin Link]

'What acronym do you use for 'Mechanical' in your day-to-day working life?'

Pretty one sided for 'Mech': [2%] MVAC | [80%] Mech | [14%] HVAC | [4%] Other

Was quite surprised at this; we thought there would be more ‘MVAC’.

🟧 Do You Use Offshore Outsourcing?

We asked, [Linkedin Link]

'Do you use, as part of your delivery of Commissioning Activities, any Off-Shore Outsourcing Methods to control costs and speed up delivery?'

The response was abit of a surprise: [18%] Find help on Upwork/Fiverr | [36%] Use an Outsourcing Company | [9%] Use a Digital Nomad | [36%] No, don't see the benefit.

We think the Commissioning Industry could use Offshore Outsourcing more to help produce efficiencies and save costs.

🟧 Jack Of all Trades Master Of One?

We asked, [Linkedin Link]

'When looking at your skillset during your working day, do you feel you are a Jack Of All Trades, Master Of One, or Both?.'

The response was pretty much what we expected: [18%] Master Of One | [52%] Jack Of All Trades | [30%] Jack of All Trades + Master Of One.

Overall within the industry, we find that being in the 30% Jack Of All Trades + Master Of One works the best.

🟧 Costs of Codes Guides & Standards

We asked, [Linkedin Link]

'Are the costs to buy Guides, Codes, and Standards from places such as ASHRAE, CSA, NEBB, CIBSE, BCxA good value?'

This was a very even split: [33%] Yes | [27%] No | [39%] Some are, Some are Not 

To be honest, this was quite surprising, as we see very few engineers with copies of any codes, guides, or standards. We would have thought ‘Yes’ would have prevailed. Maybe in the future, we will run the poll again and try for more voters to see if it changes.

🟧 Facilities Team Integration

We asked, [Linkedin Link]

'When are the Facilities Team usually integrated into the Commissioning Process?'

Even result for Design and Commissioning Stages: [35%] Design | [12%] Construction | [35%] Commissioning | [18%] Handover

35% of teams are integrated at the Design Stage; this was very surprising as not usually what we see on projects.

🟧 Did You Start Your Working Life in Commissioning?

We asked, [Linkedin Link]

'Did you start your working life in Commissioning or move to it after doing something else for a bit?'

This was a very heavy towards doing something before venturing into commissioning: [72%] Moved | [28%] Started in Commissioning 

This was expected as many people usually fall into the Commissioning discipline from either project management, design, or onsite installer.

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