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This ventilation ductwork checklist can be used and completed throughout the project and its different stages covering:

  • delivery,
  • storage,
  • installation &
  • pre-commissioning/pre-functional

Once the pre-functional checks have been completed, including all equipment and ancillaries related to the ventilation system, the full functional testing/commissioning can be conducted.

This checklist should be used and completed throughout the project, and its different stages, delivery, storage, installation & pre-commissioning, before the functional testing occurs.

Delivery Inspection

Once the ductwork has arrived on-site, usually delivered by a transport company, and before being unloaded and accepted into storage, the following should be checked with the driver.

Any damage that is noted should be reported to the manufacturer/supplier immediately in writing supported with photographs.

1Supplier's consolidated delivery ticket is available, showing all equipment and ancillaries for inspection and being used to check against.
2A copy of the order that was sent to the supplier is available for reference and is being used to check against
3The ductwork, flexible ducting, grilles/louvers and dampers are packaged, protected, for maximum protection
4The labels on the ductwork sections and technical details/sizes match the purchase order and drawing.
5Delivery protection is dry
6Ductwork is dry
7The flanges and frames of the ductwork are undamaged
10Ductwork, if ordered, is pre-insulated.
11Bracketry, if ordered, is included in the delivery.

Storage Inspection

Storage Area

If the ductwork is to be placed into storage on site prior to installation there will be an inspection completed checking the following.

1The area is internal and will not be affected by the weather.
2The surface where the equipment is to be placed is level.
3The equipment will be raised from the floor to allow airflow and stop the risk of water ingress.
4The area is well covered and protected.
5The area is well ventilated and has no risk of high humidity.
6The area is clean & dust-free.
7The area is secure and protected from the movement of other materials and vehicles.
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Storage of Ductwork

Prior to the ductwork being placed into storage, the following should be checked.

1Ductwork and ancillaries will not have materials stacked on them.
2All ancillaries will be placed in a safe and secure location, so items do not go missing or get damaged.
3All original packaging is intact and not removed.
4Ductwork and ancillaries are covered to protect from dust and dirt

Pre-Installation Inspection

Prior to the ducting being installed the following should be checked.

1The ductwork is clean and free of damage.
2All holes are cut and available through walls.
3All holes are cut and available through floors for risers.
4The room/area is dry and watertight.
5The room/area the ducting will be installed into is clean and dust-free. If there is dust/construction work, then the ducting should be protected, ends capped.


1There is enough space allowed around and above any areas of the system/ductwork that will require future maintenance. [check the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions for requirements]
2All-access doors can be fully opened to gain access to the damper and components.

Pre-Commissioning Inspection

Once the ducting has been installed and prior to the functional testing and commissioning phase taking place the following will be checked.


1The ductwork is clean and free of damage prior to installation.
2Ductwork is installed in accordance with SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards.
3All hat sections and standoff brackets are at the same height as the duct lining.
4Access doors are installed in all casing, plenums, ductwork adjacent to fire dampers, automatic dampers, smoke dampers, and reheat coils, and as indicated on drawings.
5The access doors are easily openable and not obstructed.
6All galvanized sheet metal is separated from aluminum and copper with lead or felt gaskets, where required.
7Ductwork is structurally sound to prevent drumming and sagging.
8All transverse and longitudinal joints are sealed.
9All branch and tee connections are at 45 degrees.
10All medium pressure branch and tee connections are expanded 30 degrees on at least three sides.
11Ductwork meets static pressure requirements specified for the system and leakage class for those pressures as defined by SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards.
12All ductwork except as noted in the specification is leak tested.
13Elbows have an inside radius equal to a minimum of 3/4 of the width of the duct.
14All square elbows and radius elbows larger than 18 inches [460mm] have turning vanes.
15All wall and floor penetrations are sealed, and the fire stopped where required.
16Volume dampers, grilles, terminal units, etc are provided and installed as per the ventilation drawings.
17All duct openings are temporarily sealed to maintain duct system cleanliness.
18Ductwork is insulated and vapor sealed
19Ductwork is clearly labeled in line with project requirements
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Flexible Ductwork

1Flexible ductwork is clean and free from damage.
2Flexible ducting is insulated where required
3Flexible ductwork is free of sags and kinks.
4Flexible ductwork is installed using extra heavy flexible duct straps.
5The maximum length of flexible ductwork is 5 feet [1700m]
6Flexible ductwork does not penetrate walls.
7Flexible ductwork does not have 90-degree bends.
8Flexible ducting is fixed with the correct methods to the ducting and grille boxes etc.

Attenuator and Silencers

1Attenuators, where installed, are clean and free from damage.

Grilles and Terminal Diffusers

1Grilles and diffusers, where installed, are clean and free from damage.
2Grilles and diffusers, where required, have dampers for volume control.
3Plenum boxes, where installed, are clean and free from damage.
4Plenum boxes, where required, are insulated.


1All drawings have been updated to reflect any changes made.

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