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This General Pipework checklist can be used and completed throughout the project and its different stages covering:

  • delivery,
  • storage,
  • installation &
  • pre-commissioning/pre-functional

Once the pre-functional checks have been completed, including all equipment and ancillaries related to the pipework system, the full functional testing/commissioning can be conducted.

This checklist should be used and completed throughout the project, and its different stages, delivery, storage, installation & pre-commissioning, before the functional testing occurs.

Delivery Inspection

Once the Pipework arrives at the site, usually delivered by a transport company, and before being accepted into storage, the following should be checked with the driver.

Any damage that is noted should be reported to the manufacturer/supplier immediately in writing supported with photographs.

1Supplier's consolidated delivery ticket is available, showing all equipment and ancillaries for inspection and being used to check against.
2A copy of the order that was sent to the supplier is available for reference and is being used to check against.
3Pipework is packaged with end caps to protect the internal surfaces.
4Pipework has the correct wall thickness.
5Pipework has the correct flanges.
6Pipework is dry internally.
7Pipework is not damaged.
8Pipework surfaces are clean and not scratched
9Red oxide paint has been applied, where required and is in good condition.
10All ancillaries are included in delivery as per the order and delivery note
11Replace any protection that has been removed

Storage Inspection

Storage Area

If the pipework is to be placed into storage on site prior to installation there will be an inspection completed checking the following.

1The area is internal and will not be affected by weather.
2If the pipework is not to be stored internally but externally, there is sufficient protection available to protect it from weather and ambient conditions.
3The surface where the pipework is to be placed is flat.
4The area is well covered and protected.
5The area is well ventilated and no risk of high humidity.
6The area is clean & dust free.
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Storage of the Pipework

Prior to the pipework being placed into storage, the following should be checked.

1Pipework will not be over stacked.
2Pipework will not have materials stacked on it.
3All ancillaries will be placed in a safe and secure location, so items do not go missing or get damaged.
4Pipework/connection caps protecting the flanges are not removed.
5The pipework will be raised from the floor to allow airflow and stop risk of water ingress.
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Pre-Installation Inspection

Prior to the pipework being installed the following should be checked.

1The bracketry is ready and can bear the weight of the installation and has been spaced correctly.
2The room/area is dry and watertight.
3Area being installed is not prone to flooding or ponding of water.
4The room/area the pipework will be installed into is clean and dust-free.

If there is dust/construction work, then the pipework should be protected from concrete dust, cement etc.
5Check to ensure that all connection kits containing - gaskets, bolts, are available to allow bolting up of the pipework.
6Pipework is clean and free of damage


1There is enough space allowed around and above the pipework once installed to perform maintenance and remove components, where required.

[check the manufacturer's maintenance instructions for requirements]

Pre-Commissioning Inspection

Once the pipework has been installed and prior to the functional testing and commissioning phase taking place, the following will be checked.


1Pipework is installed in line with the project drawings [size, location].
2Piping is free to expand and contract without noise or damage to hangers, joints, or the building.
3Seismic restraints, where required, installed.
4Pipework does not put undue stress on equipment, where connected and is bracketed to support itself.
5All piping supports and hangers meet criteria set out in the specifications.
6Piping is installed with sufficient pitch and arranged in a manner to ensure drainage and venting of the entire system.
7Manual air vents are provided at high points in closed water systems.
8Ensure all gaskets are installed and sealed.
9Ensure that all bolts are installed as per manufacturer's instructions.
10Any nipples installed are made of the same material as the pipe.
11Any connections between copper and steel pipes are made with dielectric fittings.
12A union is provided ahead of each screwed valve, trap, or strainer, and on each side of each piece of equipment and whatever needed to dismantle piping.
13Any changes in pipe sizes are made with the proper size reducing fittings, reducing fittings, reducing elbow, or reducing tees. Bushings are not allowed.
14All fittings meet specification requirements.
15All fittings and ancillaries are rated correctly and inline with the pressure of the system.
16All equipment requiring maintenance is accessible (valves, junction boxes, etc.).
17Piping does not block access to equipment that is part of this system or another system (e.g., air terminal units).
18Drain valves are provided at all low points in hose bib piping to facilitate seasonal draining.
19All valves [isolation, commissioning, non-return etc] are installed as per the drawings
20All strainers are installed as per the drawings and baskets are clean.
21Pipework is insulated as per the specification and vapor sealed where required.
22Piping is installed in a manner to ensure that insulation will not contact adjacent surfaces.
23Any pipe openings are temporarily sealed to maintain piping system cleanliness.
24All components including valves and controls are labeled in line with the project naming convention.
25Instruments, flow meters, energy meters, and commissioning stations have been installed in line with the manufacturer's requirements and correct direction.

This includes distances from turbulent flows etc.
26All pressure gauges installed, and display scale as per design requirements.
27Pipework has been magnetic weld tested, where specified.
28Pipework has been ultrasonic weld tested, where specified.
29System has been filled and bled with air removed.
30Pipework has been pressure tested.
31Pipework has been internally flushed, cleaned and chemically treated.


1All drawings have been updated to reflect any changes made.

General Pipework Checklist [Open]

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General Pipework Pre-Commissioning Checklist [Microsoft Excel]

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