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Before the Commissioning Construction Stage commences, and to ensure that all parties involved in the project commissioning process are fully aware of the expectations and requirements, the CxA and/or General Contractor shall conduct a Commissioning Kick-Off Meeting with the Project Team.

The parties will require attendance, as noted in the table below.

🟩 Attendance

Attendees required at the kick-off meeting include:

Client TeamProject Manager/Engineering ManagerInformation Only
Project ManagerProject Director + MEP Project ManagerTo provide support to the commissioning team
Commissioning AuthoritySenior Commissioning Manager + each Discipline LeadArrange/issue agenda / lead the meeting and provide minutes
LEED ConsultantSenior LEED Consultant ManagerTo provide support to the commissioning team
General ContractorProject Director, Senior Engineering Representative + each Discipline LeadUnderstand the process, ask any questions, and relay to site teams
Contractors / Sub Contractors / VendorsSenior Management TeamUnderstand the process, ask any questions, and relay to site teams
Cx Kick-Off Meeting Requirements & Agenda [MS Word]

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🟩 Agenda

The meeting agenda and discussions should cover the following as a minimum, with sufficient time to ensure all points are fully covered and understood.

1Run through of the Commissioning Plan
2Run through the Commissioning Specification
3Run through of the Commissioning Process
4Present the Organigram for the project of all persons involved and responsibilities
5Run through the programme.   If this is not completed then an overview of the programme and what information will be expected to be included format/sequence/drop line/progress monitoring etc.  
6Discuss future Commissioning Meetings that will be held
7Run through of the Commissioning Documentation that will be required and formats etc. Inline with Cx Plan/Project requirements [Factory Acceptance Testing, Site Acceptance Testing, Commissioning Reports, Commissioning Scripts, Final Test Packs, etc]  
8Understanding of all Codes/Guides and Standards that will be used to ensure the commissioning works are completed in line with requirements.  
9Examples of Numbering of the Commissioning Documentation.
10Explanation of the use of any electronic platforms and field defects/observation software that will be used for the project.  
11The approval process of Testing and Commissioning Documents and Status that will be used.  
12List all Factory testing that will be required
13List all Mockups that will be required
14Note how the progress of the commissioning works will be tracked and documented
15If any Critical System Testing discuss what will be expected and documentation requirements
16Training Requirements and formats of documents/materials that should be produced
17Client Witness and Sampling responsibilities, documentation/site, and [%] to be witnessed
18Discuss Building Logbooks, Systems Manuals, and Handover materials that will be required
19Discuss any seasonal testing that will be required
20Provide minutes of meeting and issue to the project team

🟩 Commissioning Kick-Off Meeting Requirements & Agenda [PDF & MS Word]

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